LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate…Begin your Business…With a BANG..!
Business Start-up to Business Growth.
Entrepreneurship Development Program

Numerous people take the brave decision to start their own business. But taking business from Start-up stage to Growth stage & achieving commercial objectives, is most critical during the initial journey. Without any prior experience & guidance, establishing & building a business is a challenge ahead of any entrepreneur.

If you don’t have knowledge & experience of driving a car, can you drive? Just by reading about swimming, can you swim? Of course without proper training it’s too difficult & you can’t learn in minimum time. Likewise, during an initial phase, for establishing & building a business to achieve desired goals, new born entrepreneur needs appropriate guidance & motivation. Exactly this specific need is fulfilled by LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate.

What is LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate?

LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate is a 18 weeks journey. During this highly Empowering journey an entrepreneur learns very effective business building strategies & constructs his business in order to achieve his business goals.

Following are the unique aspects about LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate:-

Practical Training

Highly effective & very simple methodology of training in order to make entrepreneurs understand & implement the modules in their business.

Action Oriented Strategies & Tools

Action packed strategies which help entrepreneurs to take charge of their business & with the use of powerful tools entrepreneurs start producing desired results.

Personal Guidance & Counseling

Limited number of entrepreneurs are there in one batch, therefore personal attention is given to individual’s growth. As and when required personal guidance & counseling is done.

Who can enroll for LAKSHYAVEDH Intermediate?
  • Professionals of any field.
  • Self Employed or Freelancers.
  • New Born Entrepreneurs.
  • Micro Business Owners.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs.


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