"You wouldn't take a sixteen-year-old, give them the keys to a car, and let them loose on city streets to 'learn how to drive' - and we shouldn't do that with our young one's life, either." Today the world is changing dramatically, so should we. Young generation should adapt this new world's demands and challenge themselves to perform better and better. Unfortunately, our education system is too complex, emphasizing on theory, not skills and attitude of students. If we want to build our future citizens, strong and to be able to lead we need to work on their fundamental aspects of education.


"Providing training in leadership development to students through a ten session program, which will help them to identify their uniqueness and work on their hidden potentials by learning important skills and principles."



  • What is Goal Setting?
  • How should I set my Goals?
  • What is Goal-Book?
  • How Goal-Book is made?

"On the journey to life's highway, keep your eyes upon the goal. Focus on the donut, not upon the hole"

First session helps participants develop a clear picture of where participants want to go with their life. It will also introduce a unique concept of 'Goal Book' to them. Participants make their goal books during the program.


  • What is The Go-Getter Attitude?
  • How I can fight with tough situations in my life?
  • What is the difference between The Go-Getter & a Mediocre?
  • How can I become The Go-Getter?

"Whether I fail or succeed shall be no man's doing but my own. I am the force."

For participants, to complete all the assignments given in 'Future PaathShala', The Go-Getter Attitude plays a vital part. The Go-Getter Attitude is such a powerful principle; it helps participants learn to take control of their own life. Participants understand that, they are in the driver's seat of their destiny, not just a passenger.


  • Why Communication Skills are essential in today’s world?
  • How can I overcome my stage fear?
  • Why I can't express my ideas effectively?
  • How can I present myself in a better way?

"The most powerful tool in today’s world is the ability to communicate effectively."

Participants of 'Future PaathShala' get a platform to speak in front of whole class in each and every session. They are trained to speak effectively and confidently by exhaustive exercises, such as role-plays, speeches and presentations. There are also exciting competitions for the same. Winners are honoured with medals. Ultimately all participants become fearless and confident speakers, with enhanced communication skills.


  • Why should I take care of my Health?
  • What is my Body-Mass Index?
  • Do I really need to follow any Diet?
  • What are the different types of exercises?

"The greatest wealth is health."

Imagine a journey, with a beautiful view but with a vehicle with a poor condition. In our journey of life the vehicle is our body. We must take care of it. Health session makes participants more aware of their health. In health session, participants get simple and effective information about exercising and diet.


  • How does Interpersonal Relationships plays a major part in life?
  • I love my parents but why they just don't understand me?
  • Though my intentions are good, why people get hurt?
  • How can I build a good rapport with my friends?

"Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for your loved ones?"

The most important aspect of our life is relationships. Yet it is the most ignored aspect. If we take cautious efforts to build relationships with people who really matter, results will be unbelievable! Interpersonal Relationships session helps participants to build great relationships with their parents, siblings, friends, teachers and etc. Eventually they land up having excellent interpersonal skills.


  • I have talent but I get angry very easily…
  • If something goes wrong I get very upset…
  • I am extremely moody person…
  • How can I handle my emotions well?
  • What is exactly an emotion?

"Man is the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes"

No matter how talented the person is; if the person is not mentally strong, he will not be able to produce results consistently. Mental Diet session helps participants to handle their emotions effectively and stay in resourceful mental state all the time.


  • How can I remember things effectively?
  • What should I do to make my brain work faster?
  • How can my mind think more creatively?
  • How can I improve my presence of mind?

"The Human Brain: A springboard from which we can leap into the magical world of genius."

Brain is the greatest asset given to us by the God. If we exercise it regularly we can do wonders. In 'Future PaathShala' participants learn a brain stimulation exercise called 'pegging'. A simple technique to make optimum use of your brain.


  • How can I overcome my shyness?
  • How can awaken my innate talent?
  • How can I become a confident person?
  • I just can't do it…

"Confidence is Companion of Success!"

Fear is Person's Enemy No.1. Fear stops person to capitalizing on opportunity; fear wears down physical vitality; Fear closes person's mouth when he wants to speak. Fear-uncertainty, is nothing but lack of confidence. Be confident activity makes participants of Future PaathShala to explore their hidden potential by becoming fearlessly confident about their goals.


  • What is the importance of being a Team Player?
  • How to build a Team?
  • What it takes to work as a Team?

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

Teamwork is achieved when two or more people work together to create a better solution than either could alone. Team Building is an action packed session where participants are provided with exposure to work as a team on various assignments.


"Celebrate what you want to see more of."

Last day of the program is all about celebration. All the participants who successfully complete the program get 'Future PaathShala' diploma. Participants are awarded with prizes for their achievements during the program. All the participants present cultural programs for their parents and teachers.


It is a journey of ten sessions. Each session is of four hours duration. In each session, participants learn some powerful skills and principles with entertaining and thought-provoking elements. Assignments are given to participants to make that principle a part of their life. We have a very strong follow-up system that helps participants to learn and implement those principles and skills in their life. Each session has a small break during which we provide some refreshments. Attendance in each session is compulsory. Each session begins sharp on time. Late comers are not allowed to enter in the class.